Blogger Collaboration Shoot

For my Second Shoot, I was able to work with a Fashion blogger. Inspired by Theo Spencers work with models, as well as mixed media, I felt it would be a good opportunity to collaborate with another party. I ashes the blogger to style herself for a Fashion shoot, in a style that she felt would work well for her. Though I initially wanted top stick primarily to Street Fashion, if i were to continue to pursue a fashion type shoot, I thought that it may be interesting to look at the contrast between the blogger, Georgie Stuart’s, own fashion style, intermixed with the urban locations of which I found. Furthermore, I felt that to later collaborate these two different styles together would also work well in emphasising the way in which I will be intermixing so many different medias, ideas and shoot themes into one, in order to create effective overall outcomes.


The blogger chose to have two different outfits, first of all she decided to go with a navy blue cropped top and white trousers, and the second was a light blue cropped top, with a white waist jacket and blue patterned trousers. I felt to shoot this with a plain and simple, white/cream based background would work well, as this really illustrates how different the ‘Fashion’ shoot is to the very lively, graffiti ridden walls of brick lane, and the starkness of the brick walled backgrounds. I also wanted to take some shots in a woodland area as her outfits were very spring/summer fashion, and so i felt that it would suit it well.


G 5

G 2


Geo 1


G 4




G 6

The first two shots were against the woodland area, I decided this worked well as they seem fairly editorial, and the lighting worked well to keep a warmth to the images. I also thought the outfit worked well with that setting. I also tried to capture the flood of light that was coming in from the side of the images in order to get the light spots, which i felt added a depth to them. The other plain background images I really liked, the composition of the model/blogger worked well I thought, and again i was able to keep warm tones within the images. I used my camera on manual mode, as I was then able to adjust the contrast, saturation, and temperature, as to reduce the amount of editing that was needed in photoshop, and more closely view how the final images would be.

Once I had done the full length and portrait images, I decided to take separate photos of the different accessories of Georgie, such as her Skull ring and shoes, once this had been done, I decided to collaborate two images together to give a mock up of a potential editorial speed, which I felt was very successful.

G pg 1

G 7


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