Brief Three – Memento Mori

Brief 3 : Memento Mori Final Outcomes

Overall these are my chosen final images from my shoot. I am Incredibly happy with the outcome of this shoot as I feel that it has captured exactly what I originally planed out to do, in a tasteful manner. I love that within the images all seem to have a warmth and richness to them, which allows you to really embrace the earth, natural tones within it. I feel that one of the reasons the tones work so well is because i really wanted the landscape to be a key focus as well as the model.

Though the model was in plain black, I feel that it still works well as a fashion shoot also, as there is almost some what of an elegance to her, helping to add to the idea of beauty vs. deceasing nature. I really loved that within the shots the lighting worked well, as there was a softness added to them.

However, a change that I would have made would to have had the model doing a variation of different poses, as often many of them were similar, or seemed a little stiff, however as a whole, I feel the shots work well. I tried to vary the the shots, deciding to have some in black and white as I felt it added somewhat of a more sophisticated look to certain shots, also I really love the contrast in black and white images, and the way you are able to manipulate that.

I feel that this shoot worked well as you are able to see the way in which, there is beauty in both death and life; though the forest is decaying, it is still beautiful in its own manner, as is the youthful and beautiful girl. I feel I’ve illustrated the ways in which we as humans are continuously surrounded by beauty and nature, that will inevitably die or decay, yet there is nothing stoping us from embracing all thats around us, and seeing it for what it really is.

V 1 

V 2

This was one of my particularly favoured shots, as I it was one of the only shots I got successfully in landscape. I felt it worked well as the models body seemed to be elongated somewhat when she was lying down, and so you feel as though you are seeing a lot of her in the shot, when in fact the more prominent feature is the forest. I also think this worked well to highlight the way in which death and beauty merge together as one, as the model is lying on this decaying old tree yet both her and the tree hold an essence of beauty, in many senses one is supporting the other, death is supporting life.

V 7

V 10

V 5

Here I love the way in which due to the model being within the trees it feels as though she is almost hiding, or taking refuge there. I Like the way in which the lighting is bouncing off of her face just, as it is not too bright, but just lights it enough as to maintain the softness of the image.

V 2 bw

V bw 6

This is probably my favourite image that I was able to capture, as I feel the composition works incredibly well within the photo. The way in which her face is turned up, allows just the right amount of light, at the right angle to reflect into the camera and take a successful image. I think something that i really love here is that she is not looking at the camera, and so there is almost and innocence and vulnerability to be seen within the image, illustrated also by her body language.

Dbl pge

I tried to experiment here with frames, and then putting two images together to then create a mock up of what might be an editorial lay out. I really like the way in which this turned out, as i feel it works successfully by combing two images which are quite opposite in compositing and, obviously, colour. I positioned them in this particular manner as I felt by having the model looking towards the centre of the page from the right, it then draws the viewers in rather than taking their attention away.

Overall Im incredibly happy with the way these shots turned out. I feel that they are exactly what I envisioned and set out to capture. Though perhaps I may make changes as to the poses, and perhaps try the shots with more models, including some male, rather than just female, I feel it was still on a whole, a successful and good shoot.


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