Brief Two- Filmic Spaces

Brief 2: Filmic Spaces

This is my Finished Soundscape!

Overall, I am happy with the way in which the soundscape turned out, I feel that through the use of the various clips I was able to adequately illustrate many of the characteristics of schizophrenia described within the text extract I chose to work from. Area that I feel worked particularly well, were those that involved the quick ‘bleep’ noise, this helped to show the way in which the mind could change from one thought to the next quickly, exemplifying the lack of control over thoughts and feelings and the way in which behaviour as such is somewhat unpredictable.

Furthermore, another success within the piece I feel was the use of echoing I decided to incorporate. This I believe worked well to represent the way in which a paranoid thought or emotion can continue to play on the mind, echoing for a short, or long, while within the mind, not knowing when it may fade, or if it will fade. I feel the white noise, in the form of an untuned radio worked particularly well to show just how confused and hazy the mind can become, whilst being overwhelmed with changing thoughts and emotions.

I feel that overall, the soundscape worked well as a whole, it captured the characteristics I tried to interpret from the texts, in the way I wanted it to and I believe allows the audience to think and consider what is going on. In many senses, when looking at the components talked of in the text, such as the paranoia, the behaviour changes, the idea of being controlled by thoughts; in many ways everyone does on some scale i believe experience this, and so it becomes not only a piece to represent schizophrenia, but also a piece of work that represents those small experiences that people do encounter, but often choose to keep suppressed or private.

Finished Moving Image With Soundscape-

I decided to name the video Twitchy, due to the very jolted and twitchy movements and the anxious feel within the film. I am disappointed that I was unable to get the print screens of my video making process, as it would then have been easier to explain the making process. However, overall I am happy with the video, during the making process I was able to teach myself how to use Premier Pro, which will be a great tool to have in the future no doubt. Also, I feel the video worked well as a whole, as the atmosphere and characteristics were illustrated in the way I intended.

I feel the fact that the lighting was low, quite dark and shadow-filled, helped to add to the anxiety felt within the character, it added to the darkness of the film very well I feel. It also helped to capture the way in which the Schizophrenia in a sense engulf the character, I feel that the close ups and darkened shots work well to show the way in which to an outside party, the fact that a person would have Schizophrenia could often become one of that persons domineering character traits. However, I feel another thing I was trying to highlight with this video is that when looking into the small details of a persons actions, or reactions, or behaviours and thoughts, things become magnified, and in a sense exaggerated, when perhaps if you were to look at the person as a whole, having no judgement towards them about their mental health, then perhaps these characteristics and small habits and actions that define Schizophrenia may not be as noticeable and might not infect define that person as a whole.

Overall, I am happy with both my film and soundscape, and feel I combined them well in order to create a slightly gritty, rough, dark piece, that illustrated my idea and concept well, whilst highlighting the issue I aimed to tackle.

<p><a href=”″>Twitchy</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Yasemin Taylor-Gencer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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