Experimenting with Mixing Media

Once I had completed all of my shoots, I then decided to start experimenting with mixing different medias together, using photoshop to bring many of the different elements together.


First of all I began with one of the images of Steff, intermixed with the Brick Lane and New Cross Gate Shoots, and a small bit of illustration.

Steff 1


Steff final 2

For the images I decided to play around again with scanning, much like in the portraits shoot. Within my work I like playing around with the Offset, as I like the slight softening fade it gives to the images, and i found that by scanning the images you get that same effect, and so once I had found the primary area of the image of which I was working with, I ripped the printed photo, as to still have the ripped paper effect. Just before Scanning the images, I also decided to incorporate different illustrations into each, and so with the first image, I played around with the leg areas, as I had already decided I wanted to collage them in, to make them look detached to the body. With the second image, the black and white outfit made me think somewhat of a magpie, and so i decided to anthropomorphise Steff, and turn her into some kind of bird, doing a quirky illustration over the top of the image, which I believe fitted extremely well with the interesting Graffitied backgrounds. Once I had done said illustrations, I scanned in the images to Photoshop, and started to overlay them onto some of the images from the location shoots, primarily the New Cross Gate location, as this worked well with the Brick Lane location. I merged the different layers together, to form a sort of collage effect, selecting certain areas do delete or fill in. I also proceeded to then bring aspects of different layers tot he front or back of the images, such as the lamppost in the background of the first image, coming through to the front. Once I was then done, I places the images onto a plain white background in order to give them a type of boarder.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 20.50.09 Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 18.36.10 Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 18.12.20 Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 14.37.43


Once I had edited my Final Images of Steff I then decided to try out a collaboration piece with the images of Georgie (the blogger and stylist).  Having become comfortable with the idea of illustrating within collaboration pieces, I decided to stick with this, and create and image in a similar way to the previous images of Steff.

Georgie Exp. 1



Here are the two images I used once I had illustrated and scanned them in. Instead of ripping up the images and scanning them separately, with this piece I decided to stick the two together before scanning in to reduce the about of editing need on photoshop. Once I had done this, I then proceeded to use some of the images from the Oxford Street locations as backgrounds. I particularly liked the use of the CCTV camera, its black and white was a real contrast the the colours of the rest of the piece.

Finally, I tried out some media collaboration with the Portrait images of Robbie. Here I more so experimented with photoshop and Illustration collaboration, rather than again playing around with scanning. I wanted to further explore the idea of 3D photography, and so used this basic skill as a foundation to create pieces off of. First of al I tried out looking at 3D photographies use of the different colour channels, and the instead of keeping the images in the 3D form, I flipped the different layers around. Once I had flipped the layers around this created a kind of mirror image vertically.

Having done this, I then tried creating a 3D image in the more conventional way, however with a small bit of illustration the Robbies original image. As this image was not originally black and white, I had to convert the scanned in, illustrated image into black and white, to then start separating the colour channels of the Red, Blue and Green. Once I had done this, I moved the Blue/Cyan layer slightly to the right in order to make the image 3D. Though it seems more simple, I like the conventional look to the image.

Robbie 3d 3

Robbie 3d 1 Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 00.05.35

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 00.05.05

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 00.06.28

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 00.08.52


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