Final Major Project

Final Major Project

Primary Idea:

“Facesless Fashion”

For my final major project, my primary idea is to experiment with the concept of ‘faceless fashion’. To do this, I want to look into the use of portrait and fashion photography, however have the subject faceless, therefore having the fashion, and outfits of those involved telling a story of the subject. In many senses, the key goal is to look into how important it is to have the face of a model in a portrait in order to communicate a character, or style. I also want to look into whether or not it is really ‘necessary’ to have a face within a portrait, in order to sell or promote a product, or whether you can still produce an image with as much impact without having to give identity of the model.

In order to experiment further within my photographic skills, I want to do various shoots of both film and digital, looking into the way in which the developing process can also affect the power of an image, and also whether digital manipulation is a necessary technicality within the world of fashion. I will also aim to do location, as well as studio shoots, which will then give insight as to whether a fashion shoot being shot in a everyday location, is better or sells more than those that are shot in secluded studio space.


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