FMP Evaluating – Final Images

Throughout this project, there have been various things that have gone well and a few problems I have had to overcome. Originally I set out with the idea to work with mixed media, which I have done, and feel has worked successfully. I have created various images that work well as mixed media images, that i believe really draw in the audience and grabs their attention. During the stage of which I was contacting various people to collaborate with, I unfortunately had a few trip-ups, which created problems for me. I had contacted various models to work with, and organised shoots, however last minute many of them dropped out or were unable to work, and so this was a problem, however, I was lucky enough to be able to work with Fashion blogger Georgie Stuart, and DJ and Stylist, Steff Harper. Working with other people has really been a positive for me, I have learnt how to plan and create projects around others and how to delegate specific tasks in a proactive, yet decisive way. I was also able to draw on any expertise that they may have had, and incorporate any of their advice and take on their criticism well, to help improve my final outcomes.

Working towards an outcome that is different form the ‘conventional’ photographic outcome has in many ways proven to be tricky, as I’ve had to think outside of the box, and consider different ways in which I can emphasise meanings and aspects of my image, however I feel I’ve been able to achieve this nonetheless. I aimed to question myself at the beginning as to whether a fashion image as mixed media could work to sell fashion, just as well and a normal photograph could, and I feel that in many ways it could.

Looking at the image of Georgie for example, I feel that in many senses you would ‘sell’ the fashion just as easily, as by creating the mixed media piece, I’m able to bring to focus certain aspects of the image that i could potentially want to sell, such as the shoes, top or glasses as seen in the image. Furthermore, by having the opportunity to collaborate other images into the picture, I feel things such as the CCTV camera has worked well to send a message across to the audience. In many ways you could look at the CCTV camera as a way of saying, society is being watched, as is fashion, and so could inspire the viewer to want to keep up with the fashion industry. Therefore, I feel this image has worked successfully as a final mixed media mash-up, and could be a successful Fashion ad.

Georgie Exp. 1


Throughout this project I also wanted to question whether or not photography is really photography when it is a collaboration of different disciplines, which I really believe it was. I feel that whether or not an image is singular, or mixed with an artists illustration, or many different images of theirs, it is still an image, however I do believe that the opinion of what it is may change, dependant on the context of which you put it in.

For example, looking at my collaboration final pieces of Steff, I really believe they worked incredibly well. Though the first final image was more simple on the illustration side, I feel the way in which it was compiled together worked particularly well. I like the way in which both final images of Steff have that faded effect from the scanning, which I feel worked really well in the overall outcome, emphasising the way in which all of the images compiled were separate and manually changed and edited, taking away the clean-cut polished look, of which I really didn’t want my images to have. I think out of the two, my favourite image was the Bird illustrated one, where in which I anthropomorphised Steff into a Magpie. I really like the way in which the illustration worked well with the graffitied background, at the same time as working well with the brick walled suburban location background. I do feel that though this is photography, this image could also be counted as an art final piece, as the illustration and graffiti on the walls of the images is much more detailed and artistic. Though I was happy with both of the final images here, I feel they definitely needed the white boarders as i think there was a lot of busyness in the images, and so it focused the viewers attention in.Steff 1 Steff final 2

Having completed those images as final prints, I realised that most of my Media Mash-Up had been done using scanners, illustrations and collaging, and I wanted the opportunity to focus more on photoshop which is why I then decided to create two images of Robbie, primarily using photoshop. For these images, I decided to use my skill of 3D image making, of which I learnt throughout my Foundation course. I with one of the images did add a little illustration, to add something extra, however I then proceeded to create a conventional 3D image.  With the other image, I flipped one of the 3d layers and gave it a mirrored effect, which i really liked. I looked at the image with the blue as the focused colour, and the red as the focused colour, flipping the canvas both ways, to see which worked better, and came to the conclusion that to have the red layer as the fore fronted layer worked best as Robbie really stood out much more.

Robbie 3d 1 Robbie 3d 3

I really felt that these images were both very strong and successful photoshop pieces, the initial foundation of which the ideas were created to produce these images may have been simple, but they have created these effective outcomes. However, though i feel they were successes I feel that they did not completely capture the Media Mash-Up in the way I wanted them to, unlike the previous collaged images. They worked well as photoshop images, however they didn’t seem to challenge the boundaries of photography quite in the same way as I was hoping them to.

Overall having experimented with all the different mediums that I have in order to create my images, I feel this project has been a success. I have gained skills of which will continue to be of use to me as a student, and hopefully a professional, learning how to successfully collaborate different images together in different ways. I really enjoyed the social collaboration aspect of the project as it really enabled me to see how I work not only as an individual but as part of a team.

I’ve taken inspiration from various artists, particularly I found the work of Theo Spencer to be of great interest to me, however other artists such as Matthew Stone, had a great influence in my work, such as the collages I created. Having been able to interpret these artists work in my own way, I came up with my own original way of image making, which I feel works well. Though there are areas of which I do still need to work on, such as some of my photoshopping skills, I feel that the project was a general success. I was able to delegate my time accordingly and keep my  plan, which helped a great amount, and will continue to do this in any future projects, in hopes of successfully producing work to a standard of which i am happy with.




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