Locations Shoots – 1, 2 and 3

Location One- New Cross Gate

For my first shoot, I decided to take inspiration form Sha Ribeiro in finding locations of which I felt would work well to incorporate into my mixed media Final Pieces. In order to do so I decided to go around london, seeking out good locations that could work well within my work. Firstly, and unsuspectingly, I found a good location to be amongst the houses in New Cross Gate. I found that the brick houses and slightly urban-crossed-suburban setting worked well to suit the kind of theme I was going for amongst my shoot idea. I was aiming to possibly use these images within a kind of street fashion mixed media piece, and I feel strongly that these would achieve that goal.


Location 5


Location 4


Location 3


Location 2


Location 1


I feel these images worked well as though there isn’t anything ‘going on’ per say, they still in many senses do have a lot happening, as the ‘No Parking’ and ‘No Ball Games’ signs, as well as the dustbins and graffitied areas show that the areas are so lived in. You’re given this sense of life from these remnants of peoples activity.

During the editing process of these images, I decided to similarly edit them all, as to keep a house theme, in a sense, going. In most, I upped the contrast, in order to help give the images more depth, and brightened them also, due to the fact the the images were shot on a dull, overcast day. I then increased saturation and vibrate marginally, which helped to really bring out the yellowy tones of the bricks. I then would increase the Gamma Correction marginally, and then increase the offset slightly, giving each this slight faded, misty effect that works well to slightly soften the tones, yet ensure the images are still sharp.

Location Two – Oxford Circus

The second location I decided to use, was one just off of Oxford Circus. Here I found things such as signs, posters, backgrounds, and other various other things I felt would work well within the mixed media work. Though this location was slightly different from the previous, I though the two would work well together when i collaborate them within the mixed media works.




FMP system

FMP bg

Telephone box


I felt that these were my four strongest images of the shoot. I really liked the way in which, in a sense they’re all linked into communication and control. The way in which the CCTV camera is used to communicate to people and control the people, it works well as a symbol of surveillance, and i think strongly represents an Urban culture, the way in which youths are continually being watched and dictated. This I thought would be interesting collaborating into my work, as its representing something of society that is continually surrounding us. The other three images are of posters graffiti, and also a ‘vandalised’ telephone box. I really like the telephone box, as its a form of communication, as are the stickers/posters and graffiti that are on it, and so its almost as though communication is promoting communication, which has a slight irony.

Though the CCTV image is in black and white, unlike the others, I thought this worked well as the roughness of the brick wall came out much more strongly, to contrast the smooth and sleekness of the CCTV  camera. In all the images, I upped the clarity, in order to obtain as much rough and honest detail to the image as I can, showing the ‘roughness’ of society in many ways. The way in which not everything is so clean-cut, i felt really worked well to give the image this truth, showing that not everything is perfect.

Location Three – Brick Lane

A third location shoot I was able to do was that of one in Brick Lane. Here I also took a stylist with me to model and style for some images, in order to look at the way in which a model would work in that environment. The stylist I used, was in fact a DJ and therefore is very influenced by the music scene, and so is very up to date with the fashion of Brick Lane, as it was one of her favourite hang-outs. She decided to go with a street-crossed-vintage style on the day, and so I decided to work her look into the background of Brick Lane.

Brick Lane 3
Brick Lane 1

Steff whacky

Steff 1


Here are found images I felt worked effectively. I really liked the first two, due to the simplicity, yet honesty within them; the graffitied walls are an expression of someone, which i love, its showing the way in which a person can leave their mark, in an expressive and creative way. The second two images were two of my favourite that I shot with Steff ( the stylist), I felt that these would work best as the way in which her black and white outfit contrast against the bright and vibrant walls is incredibly interesting. Though the two images are fairly similar, I directed Steff to try to model in a natural way, as to get the most natural poses possible which I feel went well.


Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 13.35.17

This is an example screen shot of the way in which I’ve edited my images. Due to the fact that I shot RAW images I was able to edit the images in much more detail, this was incredibly helpful as I was then able to focus on particular aspects that I felt important to the images.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 20.49.39

Here this image just shows the way in which I edited Steff’s image. Here I was able to play around with the colour balance, enabling me to bring out the bright and vibrant colours of the background.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 20.24.38

Here was the CCTV camera before I decided to change it into Black and White. I was playing around with the saturation and vibrancy before i decided to have a look at what it might look like in black and white, this is where i got the window above open, and so was able to look at the different intensities of the colours when turned into a monotone image.


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