Matthew Stone

Artist and Photographer, Matthew Stone, is known as one of today most influential young artists under 30. Having been one of the founding members of the art collective !WOWOW! and working with magazines such as Dazed & Confused, and their digital publishing Dazed Digital, he has contributed greatly to the world of art. Having graduated from Camberwell College of Art with a degree in Painting, Stone then went on to explore his further creativity and philosophy, believing greatly in the power of optimism, of which he expresses through his work strongly. His outlandish and exuberant belief that life should be lived as an art movement, contributes greatly to his work ethic, seen through his avant-garde art practice, that challenges the 21st centuries nihilistic cultural view, allowing him to create new pathways open to new ways of living. Working across the board in photography, art, film, graphic design, and much more, I strongly felt that Stone would be good to use as research, due to his open and experimental ways of working, something of which I’m aiming to delve into within my work.


Here are some of Stone’s work of which I’ve found to be relevant sources of inspiration for me;




I feel that this image is particularly relevant to what i’m aiming to achieve, however i’ll be aiming to create a similar but more fashion based outcome. Here the set of images this was take from was named ‘Varieties of Religious Experience’, exhibiting his  obvious avant-garde, and almost controversial style of work. I really love that within this image all of the collaged pieces seem to flow well into the image, and fit within the piece. Though they’re in many senses obtrusive images, with its stark bold colours contrasting with the black and white background, in many ways there is something rather peaceful about the images, and that the colour seems to give the images a sense of soft movement.




Within this image, i really loved the kind of vulgarity, yet tastefulness of the image. The way in which there is this almost tranquil scene playing out between two rather indecent scenes is really nice, its almost symbolising the clam within the storm. I feel the use of the very chop and change collage style works really well to show a kind of excitement within the piece. The use of the dark and rich colours also i feel contrast well to the whites and bright pastel colours, making the image pop and giving the viewer something that captures the attention. I also feel that the way in which each thing happening within the image almost feels like a distraction from the other, it gives the image more depth, as though theres more than meets the eye.




Here I really love the emotion of which you feel within the image, everything is so full of exaggeration and action. I like the way in which the different added in clips all seem to work so well together, almost seeming as if they’d been there all along. Here I also feel that you’re not just being given an image, you’re being given a story. It in many senses acts as an action shot, potentially from a film or something , allowing the viewer to really involve themselves in the image, connecting with the emotions within it.


I feel in many ways, Matthew Stone will be probably one of the more influential artists of which I will primarily look into, in order to  find inspiration as to how i can incorporate different styles and mediums into my work. I feel i will perhaps similarly to Stone, look into collaging the images, however possibly incorporation different techniques and styles along with it.


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