Portrait Shoot

This is a shoot I decided to do after looking at Theo Spencer’s work of his portraits with models, though my initial idea was not to do them in quite as polished a way as his, and so here i experimented with a few simple portrait ideas.


robbie instant


Rob bw


Here are my three favourite images. Though all are simple, I really like the composition of each, particularly the last one. Furthermore, the model, Robbie Palmer, decided to use the final image as a headship for his music, which further strengthened my confidence in it. Though the last two are fairly similar, in the black and white tones, and depth of contrast, i feel interestingly that my favourite of the three is the first image. With the first image, I actually edited and printed the digital version off, and then decided to scan it in, to give it a more ‘Theo Spencer’ vibe to it, and then places it onto a plain white background, to give it an almost polaroid effect. Below is the digital version of the first image when not printed, which i feel differs rather a lot, however i really think the way in which the image is faded works really well.

robbie 1


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