Review & Reflection

BRIEF 1: Portraiture – Taking – Fly On The Wall

Image Editing Process Evaluation:

Overall I found the process of editing my images to be fairly successful. Thankfully I am relatively familiar with the way in which Photoshop works and so felt that I understood what I was doing throughout. Though there are some changes I would make to the images, this would be more to do with the lighting of the shoot, more so than with the process of editing, however I feel that it would be beneficial to learn ways in which I could perhaps play with layers in order to create/add lighting effects to my images. I feel the way in which I edited the images strongly showed influences from much of my research, such as they way in which I explored the long exposure technique, much like Titarenko. Furthermore, I attempted to add the softness of which WeArtNotYou used within some of his images, to my own, which I felt was heavily helped through the use of the Offset and Gamma Correction tools. Altogether, I am happy with the images I produced, and feel that they work successfully to fulfil both the brief and my own idea, and feel that next time I may perhaps explore more of WeAreNotYou’s techniques used, such as using still images to create movement, and looking into developing my own techniques of using documentary and long exposure photography to capture the character of a subject.

Arrslan mouth Arrslan Main Portrait

Final Outcome Evaluation:

I chose to focus on two subjects, photographing their features up close, creating detailed images of their features, and the capturing a long exposure images of their face, however having it blurred. I felt that this would be an interesting approach to portraiture as it allows the viewer to then create their own ideas of the character, letting them paint their own story of who they may be, and what they may be like. I like the fact that as a viewer you are given an unbiased look into what they may be like, and so have no prejudgement as to the subjects. You are enabled to interpret their personality through their features and assumed styles, and likes or dislikes. Overall I felt this to be a successful outcome, and enjoyed the process of creating my images.






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