Sha Ribeiro

Freelance photographer Sha Riberio was originally born in Lisbon, at a young age Riberio moved to Milan where he grew up, and discovered his passion for photography. Through his vast exploration of a variety of subcultures, Riberio finds a great interest in the music within these, finding a lot of inspiration from them. With no professional training within photography, Riberio is one of the most well respected young artists of his time, working for major brands such as Nike, Vogue Italia, Universal, L’Uomo Vogue and Rolling Stone. Having created some raw, beautiful images of portraits, due to his great passion for them, capturing a black and white, honest and unrefined view point of his subjects, he has shown his natural ability to produce real works of art, whilst at the same time capturing beauty in all its forms. By doing so he always uses his sheer determination to appreciate the beauty that he is presented with, and allows his incredible talent that come instinctively to him to take over. An area of particular interest for me is his capturing of various urban scenes and landscapes, he captures the realness of the area, showing a viewer not just a place, but in some cases implying a story. I feel this would work well as inspiration towards my location shoots I plan on doing, helping me decide where and when shoots should be done also.


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 23.27.04

Within this image I like the overall composition, it created this kind of secret viewing atmosphere within the image, as though you’re seeing something you shouldn’t be. I particularly like the way in which the depth of the blackness around the lit stairwell created this frame for the image. I feel the contrast of the white agains the black works well to emphasis the key focal point of the image well also, giving it this sense of importance, as though there’s something more behind the picture.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 23.26.50

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 23.26.40


I really love the way this image feels as though its showing the calm before the storm. I feel the fact that it’s in black and white really effects the outcome of the image, you’re able to pick up the detailing and texture of the clouds clearly, which gives off this dreary, dull feeling to the image. Theres almost a seriousness to the image, due to the darkness thats seemingly cast across it, additionally i feel the fact that the scene rather quickly goes from dark buildings, to a grey sky that then cascades towards the top edge of the image gives off this unfinished feeling, leaving the viewer inquisitive.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 23.26.31

This I believe is a really nice image, here Ribeiro has given the viewer a more intimate image in a sense that you’re now seeing into this well lit, very open building, contrasting to his previous more enclosed images. You feel as though you’re being let in, in a sense, which is a really nice feeling for the viewer, it makes them feel more invited. I also really love the colour tones in this image also, the softness of the green works well with the soft yellowy lighting, keeping the image well informed and bright, yet still unobtrusive.
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 23.26.19 Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 23.24.56


This is one of my favourite images of Ribeiro’s, as I like the way in which there is this almost messy order to the scene. I also love the way in which all of the colour work so well and nicely together. The way in which through this image Ribeiro’s shown the rawness and realness of this urban area of living, works strongly and effectively. You’re shown the living arrangements true to themselves, without the image being too intrusive of the inhabitants of the area. In a sense, each of the rectangle flat fronts is almost like a small character illustration, giving the viewer something to use in order to possibly guess as to what the person living there is like. I feel that works well as its giving the viewer the opportunity to use their imaginations.


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