FMP Proposal, Timetable, Bibliography, Health and Safety Forms







Having studied photography this year at a higher level, I have now been able to realise the areas in which I have become most passionate. Through study of magazines such as Dazed & Confused ,  Wonderland and I.D. I have been exposed to the ways in which photography not only has to act alone as a media, but can collaborate with other disciplines such as graphic design, illustration, textiles etc… I have learnt a lot about studio and location photography, whilst also having been able to understand the lighting of both studio and location photography, and so would like to further explore these. Moreover, I will be studying Fashion Photography at Degree level next year, and so feel that to continue onto doing Media Collaboration Photography as my FMP, will benefit me greatly as I will have a different insight to conventional photography.


For my FMP I will be exploring the ways in which Photography, can collaborate with various other disciplines, in order to create interesting and innovative images and possibly mock-up advertisements. I will be looking to collaborate with models and stylists also, enabling me to understand they ways in which professional collaboration with other people can also benefit the work. Through use of collaboration of disciplines, this will not only enable me to create interesting images, but will also help me to further build my skills and techniques in other areas of work. I’m hoping to create images that question the stereotypical idea of ‘what photography is’, and to create images that make people think, and engage them in what exactly they’re looking at. I will then question the notions of:

‘Is it photography, when you collaborate different mediums?’

‘Can alternative Fashion Photography really ‘Sell’ Fashion?’

‘What do these images represent?’

‘Does the collaboration of different medias interest and draw in the viewer?’

‘Should Fashion Photography just be about the ‘Fashion’, or is it about more than that?’

… along with various other questions. Through this all, I will evaluate whether the world of photography, and fashion in a sense, is open to more than most initially think, I will challenge the boundaries of what is usually accepted within the photography and fashion world, and look into the expansion of Photography.


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