University Options

– BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication- Chelsea College of Art

– BA (Hons) Graphic Design- Camberwell College of Art

– BA (hons) Illustration & ?- Westminster

– BA (Hons) Digital Film Media – Epsom Farneham?

– BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Communication- Ravensbourne

Personal Statement-First Draft 

 Quote – funny or insightful  – to do with graphic design
Add an initial sentence about the ‘open’ aspect of current Design practice and how it can encompass a range approaches and techniques and aesthetics. |

Having a fondness for creativity is not something a person chooses to have, but something I believe a person grows into. I’ve always been passionate about the cultural and artistic aspects of the world, but did not originally envision myself pursuing a creative future. But after being left unmoved by the fields of more stereotypically academic education, I started to develop my own way of interpreting the world, allowing me to really express my creativity, and no longer felt constricted by the boundaries of rigid academics. Since realising that my true passion lies in the creative arts, I have been continuously driving towards ensuring that my future will consist of this.
Visual communication and expression is fundamentally important; it allows you to freely experiment with different design concepts, and a range of approaches. Being both Turkish and English has enabled me from a multi-cultured perspective to see the power of creative media as a tool to draw everyone together, regardless of age, race, or up bringing. During difficult periods my life the creative world has provided me with an escape, whether it be in the form of a fashion or art magazine, or experimenting first hand with photography, film or design. One of the foremost reasons I feel so passionately about the creative arts is because regardless of your creative outcome, every piece acts as a singular form of communication and expression, often with many medias crossing over and collaborating, visually expressing unspoken thoughts or feelings.
My Turkish roots greatly stemmed my interest in culture and art, embracing the traditions of my heritage and its artistic influences. One of my great interests sparked when I was on a family holiday to Turkey, where I was inspired by Islamic artwork; photography enabled me to document the beautiful art and architecture. Encouraged by this, I then began to explore techniques and enhance my abilities within the profession, adapting to new photography styles such as fashion and street, as well as working with different equipment. An integral part of what I hope to achieve within my work is to draw inspiration from others and produce something unique from it, which in turn will inspire, and interact with the viewers. I have attended exhibitions at the Tate Modern, Palais de Tokyo and National Portrait Gallery, drawing insight from each, and will be doing work experience with Rolls Royce in the near future with their creative advertising team.
Along side of my determination and imagination, I also have confidence in my work, illustrating my natural instinct to creatively explore my unique ideas. As well as using my interests within music, fashion, dance and literature as resources, I strive to create pieces that draw on events in the media, history and world cultures. I am sociable, lively and amiable, and believe that I fully focus on tasks, ensuring that I give my work my best efforts.
Specialising in the Film, Photography and Animation pathway on the UCA Foundation course, is allowing me to develop my evolving interest and knowledge of photography, whilst exploring new ways of working. Being introduced to new areas of study has led me to explore and work with various forms of media, discovering the skills behind each specialised area, and learning how each compliments the other. An interesting area of study so far has been exploring how sound and moving image tie together. Another particular field of interest for me is graphic design, and I often find myself exploring different ways in which I can factor features of graphic design into my work, combining text, illustration, music and image, in both set briefs and self-directed work.
I believe I have the potential, commitment and mind-set, whilst still showing a willingness to grow and develop, to become a successful university candidate and aspire to put my skills to use doing what I love in order to become a creative professional.


3 thoughts on “UCAS

  1. Hi Yasemin, it’s basically OK, a bit wordy here and there, just needs a bit of editing!
    The main areas are covered, check the grammar, there are a few mistakes here and there.

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